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rethink print and marketing

Rethink Creative

Working with our ECMOD award-winning creative partners you will be able to take advantage of a true multi-channel solution, adapting to all media platforms and always applying design with purpose. From working to your existing brand guidelines and templates to complete blank page concept and design, you’re sure to be impressed with the results.


  • Gain a fresh and creative outlook on your marketing design requirements.
  • Our designers have more than creative flair; they understand marketing so you can be sure that there is true value in your marketing campaigns.
  • Centralising your design ensures consistency in approach so your marketing communications all bear the same image and message to make the impact stronger.

Services offered

  • Print design – we are unashamedly passionate about print. Designing ECMOD award-winning catalogues, hard-working direct mail and premium brochures is what turns on our creativity.
  • Branding – we encapsulate your brand in one simple sign – the logo. Then we complete your visual identity; the consistent style that flows through all of your communications.
  • Web design – including Responsive Design, to ensure you are accessible and stunning, no matter the screen size.
  • Digital Marketing – HTML email marketing. We’ll test, optimise, measure and report.
  • Graphic design – we love a challenge; whether it’s exhibition spaces, product packaging or punchy info graphics.
  • Advertising – your advertising needs to work hard to catch the eye and it needs to be designed with multiple channels in mind. We create brand response advertising for the new media age.
  • Copywriting – if the story your brand is telling isn’t fresh or informative, your audience will opt out and look elsewhere. We can be your secret weapon. Your content will be sticky, your product sell persuasive, and your advertising will zing. Bold words – we’ve got them.